It’s already been TWO months since I came to Chengdu and I guess that’s a pretty good reason to write something about it (again).
I was thinking about what would be the best way and I decided that the conversations I have with my friends can describe the whole time better than I ever could, so here you are: My two months.

  1. Food


Every meal is super spicy and super super oily, but also super super super good. So we all are getting fat. 4xsuper fast.

2. Laziness


If I thought Dáme jídlo is convenient in the Czech Republic, then I have no words for China. You can get meal anytime anywhere. And you don’t even have to leave your room, you can even order a bubbletea. CRAZY!

3. Online world


You can’t be here and don’t be online. You don’t only use your phone to annoy your friends but also to rent a bike, pay dinner or buy tickets.

4. Photos


*no one died just to be clear

China is a completely different world so of course you take pics of everything. From skyscrapers to cute kids.

5. VPN issues


If you want to access Google, Facebook, Instagram and simply most of the websites you use in Europe (or everywhere apart from China), you need VPN. And of course that’s not something CN wants you to, so they are constantly hacking the VPN companies.



Remember how I wrote that the food is super spicy and super super oily? Well, getting fat is not the only problem. I just can’t decide if talking about diarrhea more often than about weather is us being mature enough or we just accepted the fact that it is a part of our lives now.

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